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Your thermostat plays a critical role in how your home is heated and cooled. Thermostats are responsible for correctly registering the temperature and then prompting your HVAC system to activate the furnace or air conditioner. If a thermostat is being affected by improper placement, you’re more likely to face temperature issues throughout the year. You’ll also experience higher costs and frequent HVAC system repairs. Keep this essential information in mind when wondering where to place a thermostat. Learning the thermostat settings can also help with the efficiency of regulating your home temperatures!

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Avoid placing your thermostat on walls that receive a lot of sunlight. Constant light on the device causes the internal thermometer to read a higher temperature, which will prematurely activate your air conditioning. This will skyrocket your energy costs during the summer as well as make your home uncomfortably cold. Too much direct sunlight will also lower how often your heating kicks on during the winter, leaving your home and family at potential risk.

Keep your thermostat away from windows, air vents, and doors. People are constantly moving around the home and using doors during the day, cooling the air around them. Air vents directly next to a thermostat pose a unique risk in that they may only be on for a short time before the temperature in that specific area changes. Avoid putting your thermostat in any area with constantly moving air or temperature fluctuations.

Your thermostat shouldn’t be placed near your kitchen or bathroom or on any exterior wall. The kitchen is often the warmest room in the home due to the oven and the regular influx of people. Bathrooms are subject to steamy showers or baths that can boost your air conditioning costs. Finally, exterior walls are often much cooler than interior walls due to their direct interaction with the outside.

Ensure that your thermostat isn’t too close to any obstructions that can stop airflow. You may not want to highlight your thermostat, but don’t hide it away next to a bookshelf or appliance. This device needs constant access to the air in the home to ensure it’s correctly reading and adjusting the temperature.

Finding the best place for your thermostat can be difficult. Most of the walls in your home are near windows or vents or see a lot of direct sunlight. Professional technicians can thoroughly evaluate your house to determine the best area for your thermostat.


Determining the perfect placement for a thermostat isn’t an impossible task. Find a room toward the center of your home that is frequently used during the day. You want your family to be consistently comfortable no matter the season. The family room or foyer is often an ideal location where your device can appropriately monitor the home’s temperature. You’ll also be able to easily spot odd temperature changes.

Don’t forget to consider the proper height when installing your thermostat. If the device is installed too low, the readings may be too cold and vice versa. The ideal range is between four and five feet off the ground. This placement puts your thermostat in the perfect position to correctly read the temperature without interference.

By choosing the appropriate placement for your thermostat, you maximize your temperature control in the most frequently used rooms. You may still face draft issues with rooms furthest away from your thermostat, but your HVAC system will provide reliable and cost-effective temperature control within the majority of the home.

Correctly placing your thermostat is a necessary step in properly heating and cooling your home throughout the year. Finding the ideal location will save you substantially on energy costs in the future and will keep your family safe and comfortable. If you have any questions about your thermostat placement, call an expert technician today for a personalized evaluation.


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