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Why Are There Water Sounds Coming From the AC Unit?

Why Are There Water Sounds Coming From the AC Unit?

Most people know that running an air conditioner will result in excess water. This happens because the air conditioner itself is actually pulling humidity from the air to cool the room down. If everything is running correctly, this water is gathered together and disposed of automatically.  

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However, this isn’t always the case. If your window air conditioner sounds like water, including running or splashing sounds, it indicates you may have a problem and need air conditioner repair. It might mean your AC isn’t training. This could cause the drip pan to overflow and cause a leak.

To determine if this is the case, you should know the common AC problems that cause this issue. This article will review these problems, so you know when to take action. 

Common AC Problems

Water sounds come in a variety of different forms and may be the result of a variety of different issues. While some dripping results from your unit working, some sounds point toward a problem. These are some of the most common reasons your AC might be leaking water:  

Drainage Problems

In many cases, water builds up on air conditioning units because it cannot leave. Something wrong with the draining system will cause this issue. 

This can be from a clog in the line. This results from dirt and debris getting caught in the line and building up over time. You can attempt to fix this by dislodging the clog with a long wire or a wire brush. 

The line may have even been disconnected. For one reason or another, the line was disrupted and is no longer connected in the way it should be. In this case, you should call for air conditioner maintenance to handle the issue. They will be able to fix it without causing further damage to the system as a whole. 


The water noise coming from your AC unit may be from leaks. This will often be identifiable through a slow dripping noise or the sound of a mostly steady stream of water trickling down. 

There are many possible reasons your AC unit is leaking. It could result from damage to the system or stoppages that lead to water gathering. 

No matter how it happens, this problem needs to be fixed. Having water leak into your home can cause damage to your property and creates an environment where mold can grow. This means that a problem with your air conditioner can cause a number of other problems in your home. 

Depending on the exact nature of the problem, you may or may not be able to fix it yourself. However, it is best to have professionals look at it if in doubt. 

Sensor Problems

Air conditioners rely on a sensor to operate properly. This sensor monitors the temperature of the air around the evaporative coil. However, this sensor can be damaged as the unit is used or moved around. 

If this happens, it creates a problem with the unit’s operation. Instead of running properly, it will cycle endlessly or create cycles that go off at random intervals. 

The sensor must be put back in its proper place to fix this problem. It can be bent back into place so that it is right next to the evaporative coil but not touching it. 

However, to get this just right, you may need the help of air conditioner repair professionals. You will also need professionals if the sensor is damaged in another way and needs to be fixed through other methods. 

Filter Maintenance 

One of the most common problems for AC units, in general, comes from issues with the filters. This is because filters are not designed to last forever and need to be replaced at regular intervals. Failing to do so can cause problems that will eventually result in water sounds. 

Luckily, this is one of the easiest problems to fix. Simply replacing the old filters with new ones will typically resolve the issue. 

Electric Control Failure 

In any system, electrical parts are prone to wear out. This is very true for an air conditioner, which has several moving electrical parts. The problem here is exacerbated if the unit is switched off and on frequently. 

In most cases, the controls themselves wear out. Sometimes this can be from age. Other times, it can be from corroded wires and terminals. 

Because this problem deals with electrical components, the best course of action is to have it addressed by professionals. Handling the issue yourself opens you up to potentially being shocked or even electrocuted. Plus, without proper knowledge and tools, you may be unable to fix the issue even after attempting it. Booking professionals will help them fix the unit without exposing themselves to danger and complete the entire job without problems. 

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When Your Window Air Conditioner Sounds Like Water

If your window air conditioner sounds like water, chances are there is a problem. If you want the issue to be taken care of effectively, your best option is to call our team of experts in HVAC services. 

The professionals at Campbell Comfort Systems are here for you. No matter the issue, we can diagnose it and fix it. 

Call Campbell Comfort Systems at 856-554-1945 or book online now to take care of your AC unit problems!