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What is a Furnace Reset?

What is a Furnace Reset?

Furnace resets are essential because they can help your heating system run more efficiently. This will lower energy bills, and the furnace will last longer. It also saves you money by reducing the fuel used to heat your home.

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Reset Button on Furnace

Furnace resets are also necessary when you have a new heating system installed in your house for safety reasons. Furnace resets are necessary to reset the thermostat. After installation, the unit should be shut down for a minimum of 24 hours. This allows the system to cool off and the refrigerant gas inside to expand. If this doesn’t happen, you can cause damage to your heating system or even cause an explosion.

Furnaces might need to be reset if they’re not working correctly or if the temperature in the house isn’t consistent. Furnaces are what help to heat your home. The thermostat that sits on the wall of your house determines the temperature that’s kept indoors. When it’s cold outside, the heater kicks on and warms up your home. If it’s too hot, then the furnace may not be working correctly, and it may need to be reset.

This is often caused by a power outage or a problem with the thermostat. If that’s not the case, you may need to get a professional HVAC technician to take a look at your furnace to figure out what’s wrong with it so that you can get it fixed. At Campbell Comfort Systems, we have top HVAC technicians you can contact at any time to resolve any issue with your furnace, especially if it has to do with resetting your unit.

How To Reset a Furnace

Furnaces can be a challenge to maintain, but there are various ways in which they can be reset.

The first way in which you can reset your furnace is by turning it off and on. A furnace needs to get restarted for the thermostat to recognize the new temperature in the room. Turning it off and on can also help clear any blockages in the system. Turning your furnace off and on will also get it back to normal if there has been a power outage or if the heater isn’t heating but still running. This is because when the power goes out, the pilot light sometimes goes out, too.

Furnace Reset Button

One of the most common problems that affects a furnace is a clogged filter. This can be solved by switching from heat to cool mode on your unit. Switching from heat to cool mode is an effective way to reset your furnace, as this will allow the system to restart itself. Sometimes the furnace may get stuck in “off” mode. This can happen for many reasons, like an outage or low fuel tank. To reset it to heat mode, switch from cool to heat mode. This would make the furnace start working again if it was stuck in the “off” mode. Switching from heat mode to cool mode will allow you to empty any hot air currently stored in your furnace, which will help you maintain a balance.

A manual reset button is another way to reset the furnace. There’s a manual reset button on the unit that you can use if the thermostat isn’t turning on the furnace. This will need to be pressed by hand. After pressing it, wait for the thermostat to turn off the circuit breaker, and then turn it back on again. The manual reset button can be found on the upper right-hand side of the control panel. Depending on your model, it can also be found on top of the return grille in front of the furnace, at the top of the gas valve, or near where the electrical wiring meets it. A few seconds of pressing this button will turn off the furnace and start it back up again.

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Reasons to Reset a Furnace

Here are five important reasons resetting your furnace can be beneficial:

  • Prevent safety hazards and expensive repairs
  • Decrease dependence on fossil fuels
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Save money
  • Improve comfort and indoor air quality in your home

You should rely on a professional team to reset your furnace if you notice that the thermostat in your home isn’t functioning as it should. We offer quality furnace resetting services for the residents of West Deptford, NJ, and the surrounding communities.

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