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A Message from Bill Campbell

Thank you for visiting. This is my story.

I hope it answers some questions you may have and gives you some insight into what drives us to do what we do. —Bill Campbell, President 

As we begin our 25th year in business (and my 41st year in the industry), I look back on those years and marvel at the changes I’ve seen and been a part of. Just as in other fields, technology has and continues to evolve at lightning speed and the available knowledge base has increased so dramatically it is at times overwhelming. Add to all of that the experience we have gained because of the way we go about our business, it keeps me excited to be in the indoor comfort business and I get up every morning looking forward to coming to work.

What does all this have to do with you? Indulge me if you will with a whirlwind tour through the years concerning housing and heating and air conditioning systems. In the 1960s, air conditioning systems were just coming into the marketplace and our industry began configuring them to work in existing heating systems. Energy was cheap, efficiency didn’t matter much, and we didn’t know any better. In the ‘70s, the add-on air conditioning market was exploding in existing homes that had heating only systems installed when they were built. These homes were short on supply ductwork, return air ductwork, and insulation. They were leaky homes, but we didn’t know any better.
In the ‘80s, new homes were being designed with air conditioning systems based on the available knowledge and materials. Building products and practices were not of the highest quality. We were installing leaking, undersized duct systems and oversized equipment in leaking homes. And still, we didn’t know better.
In the ‘90s, we started replacing the systems we had installed in the ‘70s and ‘80s. We were touting the new high efficiency (for the time) furnaces and air conditioners as the answer to homeowners’ energy and comfort problems. By installing this new high-efficiency equipment onto poor duct systems in poorly insulated, leaking homes, we were creating a new set of problems – problems like poor humidity control, poor air circulation, and frequent cycling thanks to oversized equipment in homes that had recently been refurbished with new windows and additional insulation.
About this time, I began to realize something was wrong. That is part of the reason why I started Campbell Comfort Systems. I attended manufacturers’ training seminars, trying to stay up-to-date on load calculations, duct designs, etc. Even with this new knowledge, though, we found that clients still had problems with uneven temperatures, poor air quality, dusty homes, and combustion safety. I kept wondering why. I kept looking to equipment manufacturers for the answer. Manufacturers wanted us to sell “boxes” to solve the problems, so we sold new boxes and the problems only got worse! There had to be a better solution.
In 1998 I attended a commercial air balancing training class that opened my eyes to the dynamics and importance of air flow. As I began to apply this knowledge to our residential business, through testing and measuring, I began to understand very primitively what it would take to make these systems work better. I began to network with like-minded contractors around the country and we shared our experiences. In 2001, we formed into an organized group called the National Comfort Team. Our commitment as a group is to deliver measured performance of the systems we install. The result should be a system that works, giving you even temperatures throughout your home, proper humidity control, in both summer and winter, good indoor air quality and true efficiency.
Although greatly improved over prior years, I still noticed things in homes that seemed to be a problem. Things like air too dry in the winter, despite mechanical humidification. Things like excessive dust, despite enhanced filtration. Things like not quite being able to maintain the correct temperature, even though we know our analysis of the home was correct. Why was this? We have learned that the heating and air conditioning system is not a stand alone system. It is so intertwined with the house structure, that I knew we had to learn more about building science, which is the term used for understanding things like house structure, air flow and moisture migration through it, insulation and thermal bypasses.
This has led to the birth of a new industry called Home Performance Contracting. In fact, this discipline is so important that both the Federal Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy endorse it through the ENERGY STAR program. It is referred to as HOME PERFORMANCE with ENERGY STAR® and has been embraced by the New Jersey Clean Energy Program as one of the cornerstones of helping New Jersey become greener and less energy dependent.
I am proud to tell you that Campbell Comfort Systems was one of the first contracting firms in South Jersey to become accredited by the Building Performance Institute. This accreditation is not easy. It is awarded only after many hours of classroom training, a grueling written test and hands-on demonstration of skills and knowledge. We have finally put all the pieces together. We are able to test and measure how your house and ALL of its systems perform. We have made the considerable investment in the testing equipment and measuring devices to do this. Our staff has been and will continue to be trained in this whole house approach.

Now, more to the point.

 The State of New Jersey, through the Board of Public Utilities and the Office of Clean Energy, has introduced a significant program for helping you look at your home from this “big picture” perspective, test the entire structure and its systems to pinpoint any problems, then creating a comprehensive plan for addressing any problems based on this diagnosis. The program includes monetary incentives to help you accomplish any of this.
So, if you would like to be more comfortable in your home, save huge amounts on heating and cooling, live without any more cold drafts, live without parched wintertime air, do away with indoor “bad” air, have a dramatic decrease in dust and dirt, have absolutely even temperatures throughout your home, help save a forest and reduce your carbon footprint, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this opportunity.

Free Information

Call our office toll free at 1-800-422-3171 about this exciting new program. Tell our client service representative you want information on the New Jersey Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program and we’ll send out a free information packet. You can also find out more by visiting the Office of Clean Energy website at
Thank you for reading this rather long letter. I hope you profit greatly from it. And finally, thank you for your business, your confidence and for being a part of our growth.
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